Visit to the Conservation Department of Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

In the past, they had also been involved in the cleaning of the Staffordshire Hoard ready for display, discovering the intricacies of the construction of the pieces as they did so.  Another item, the history of which remains a mystery, is a Civil War jacket which came from Aston Hall and had previously been displayed flat and pinned in place - certainly less than ideal.  Now, it is being prepared to fit a 'stuffed body' to show it to its best effect.

High tech apparatus is being used in a variety of ways.  The Conservation room itself is equipped to keep the optimum conditions for whatever items are being worked on and computers and x-ray machines enable one to see the fascinating inner workings of stuffed birds and wooden statues.

The group would have liked to spend twice the time allowed for the visit, but perhaps it might be worth returning at a later date?

Janet Jordan

Wednesday, 26 February 2020